Why get married overseas?

Besides the obvious charm of blue skies, beautiful beaches and a reputation for romance, there are other reasons to escape to somewhere exotic for your special day:

Value for money - Weddings here can be expensive! Making your dream wedding a reality could be financially difficult.

For instance in the South Pacific, you always get more bang for your buck because prices for similar offerings are generally lower and the exchange rate works in your favour.

Plus many resorts in the South Pacific offer special deals for couples booking a ceremony – you can even get your wedding for FREE!

Less stress - Organising and orchestrating a wedding is lots of work!

The resorts we deal with are seasoned event planners of the best quality and we know from personal experience that they are a pleasure to work with! Many properties have dedicated wedding coordinators who can organise everything for you; you decide how involved you want to be and they will take care of the rest.

From a simple elopement to a large group, on the beach or in a stunning chapel—the choice is yours!

One of a kind experience - Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event; why not make it even more unforgettable by doing something totally unique?

Beach and chapel weddings are widely available, but your wedding can include extra exotic touches: have native warriors take you to the man of your dreams in an outrigger canoe, get married underwater with the fishes or be adopted by local families, who will marry you in true Samoan fashion!

So why use us?

Once upon a time, engaging a wedding co-ordinator was considered a luxury. However in these hectic times, where everyone’s already got more than enough to do and not enough time to spare, it really is a necessity for most couples. Especially for anyone who is thinking about travelling overseas for a destination wedding.

When planning an overseas wedding, remember that you will be in a different country, possibly with a different language. It’s important that you consider their customs, cultures and laws.

Imagine going to all the effort and cost to plan your important event overseas, only to discover after you arrive in that country that you don’t meet their strict legal requirements.

Do you really need to be researching and worrying about all these things yourselves?

Why use an agent and not do it myself over the net?

The answer is simple, arranging weddings, receptions and events can be complicated and frustrating at the best of times without the unique challenges that can arise when doing it long distance!

You don’t need to be running around tying up loose ends, double-checking the finer details and making sure that everyone involved will be at the right place at the right time on the day.

We had an experience recently where a bride booked her flights on the net to save $50. However the flight time changed and she didn’t find out until she rang to reconfirm her transfer. She then spent the next 2 days on her honeymoon reorganising everybody’s flights and additional accommodation etc – to save $50!

Allowing Worldwide Weddings to help organize and co-ordinate it all, will ensure you are free to spend precious time relaxing and creating lasting memories with family and friends

… loved ones who have travelled to be with you.

So what can we help you with?

Worldwide Weddings provide you with personalized, professional services covering all aspects of your most special day, including:


*  Flights

*  Transfers

*  Accommodation

*  Tours, etc.


Personalized wedding arrangements, and liaison with wedding coordinators on the ground, handling each and every aspect of your ceremony to ensure it’s very much your own.

Your ceremony should have a very special meaning for both of you, reflecting your unique characters and style.

We partner with you to make sure it does just that

… and more.

Not just weddings –

The world loves a lover, but the South Pacific simply adores honeymooners!

Even if you don’t marry here, you should definitely consider having a tropical honeymoon. Not only will you be welcomed into a lifestyle of simple happiness (or laidback luxury if you prefer!) by the friendly locals, you will also be spoilt senseless with free bonuses such as accommodation upgrades, couples’ massages or excursions for two.

Contact us to find out what goodies are being given away