Tasteful Tahiti

Tahiti is AMAZING!! The pictures you see of Tahiti & the Islands are what it looks like in real life! Tahiti is famous for being a romantic destination & most people travelling are couples on their honeymoon! Even some of the world’s biggest stars choose Tahiti, as nowhere else ‘does’ romance quite like it!

With places to stay there are so many ranging from 3 star right up to your exclusive 6 star resorts!!! From the mainland, you really want to get out to the other islands. The next closest island is Moorea. Moorea is beautiful - you have the option to snorkel (or scuba dive) with Manta Rays (an amazing experience, definitely a must do) There is also a cultural dinner & show at the Tiki Village which gives you a taste of Tahitian culture.

But the real text-book honeymoon island is Bora Bora (and where Mandi on the WW team chose for her own honeymoon – must be good right?). It is also where stars such as Nicole Kidman, Tom Cruise, Alyssa Milano & Christina Applegate have all honeymooned! Most resorts are located on their own atoll (small coral island). The flight into Bora Bora is amazing as well as you get an aerial view of all the islands before you land!

The waters here are famous for Manta Ray & reef shark diving & is teemed with beautiful coral & azure blue water! Bora Bora is larger than Moorea, and most resorts are on their own islands. These lagoons are so shockingly blue that staff regularly have to assure guests that nothing has been added to the water

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