Nice New Caledonia

New Caledonia is a different experience for those honeymooning in the South Pacific, with it’s amazing combination of French culture and food, along with South Pacific charm and beauty.

Noumea is the very chic and cosmopolitan capital city, eat at the gourmet restaurants and shop in the stunning little shops that would be at home in Paris. It is very unlike a lot of its South Pacific island neighbours, with efficient transport, sealed roads, classy shopping, amazing food, lots of nightlife, a good choice of accommodation and very French people! It is like someone created a recipe by mixing equal parts France and South Pacific! Manu would be proud!

It is definitely not as tropical as other counties in the region, but it does have advantages such as being able to go in to a Super Marché and buy a baguette and some cheese, and taking your own French picnic to the beach! The main areas for accommodation and beaches in Noumea are Baie des Citrons and Anse Vata. Only a walk from each other via a lovely strip of restaurants in between, so most resorts have beach access.

If you have the time, or would like a little island paradise as well, consider visiting the most of Isle of Pines. Although it is recommended you stay at least 3 days there.

Known as Kunie, the island has jaw dropping beaches, and if you like getting your adventure on, discovering nature, taking long walks, swimming, snorkelling, or diving, then you could easily spend 5 to 10 days here and still find plenty to do.

No stress, no night life, a relaxed pace – an unhurried world for sure

So, New Caledonia isn’t for everyone but if you are after something a bit different - c’est manifique!

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