What do we organise for you?

Essentially everything a destination wedding involves…unfortunately we cant do the cake tasting or dress finding with you though (we wish!).

Here is a list of things we can organise for you to be leaving you stress free..


TRANSFERS- All transfer arrangements such as budget group transfers, private transfers, helicopter transfers, yacht transfers etc. We get you from A to B seamlessly.

FLIGHTS- All individual and group flight bookings

ACCOMMODATION- Combined with years of experience & work trips to discover the best accommodation options, we will help you find the PERFECT place to stay. Once you have decided we can book your wedding party in there too!


DOCUMENTATION – We know what you need and how to process it all, making it way less of a paper trail

VENUE- We have spent years researching the most stunning picturesque venues worldwide but if you have one in mind, let us know and we will contact the venue to ensure we can become partners in creating your dream wedding.

FOOD- Catering is one extremely hard part in organising a wedding, so many different options & food types it gets crazy. We sort through the professional caterers from the wannabes.

BEAUTY- As you are looking at a destination wedding it can become increasingly hard to have a makeup trial, so we have done it for you! We have personally tried & tested some of our favourite makeup artists to ensure they are top quality & know how to do the PERFECT wedding makeup,hair & beauty treatments.

ENTERTAINMENT - As we expand throughout the world we try our hardest to go to all the events and parties with some top event entertainment (what a hard life) so that we will know the music will be contagious & you will spend the night being a dancing queen.

STYLING - Want a wedding that belongs on pinterest? It is hard to organise the perfect colour scheme & table settings from an overseas location. To combat this we have some amazing wedding stylists who can turn any venue into a personal & uniquely styled place to get married.

PHOTOGRAPHY - Photography is so important to capture your big day & a simple shot can be taken from a 3/10 to a 10/10 with the right photographer. Don’t only rely on word of mouth, talk to the experts!


For your honeymoon we can once again plan all travel arrangements, accommodation & tours. After the big day all you will want is to relax on a beach with your new love and relish in the ‘just married’ feeling, not stressing about any travel plans.

How much do we cost?

We think you should sit down for this one….

We are at no extra costs to you.

Sounds too good to be true? Well this is one case where your momma will take back the phrase “nothing good comes free”. We work with vendors all over the world that we are proud to represent and have been tried and tested for hundreds of weddings with more than a 95% satisfaction rate. We simply work off a small commission paid by each of the suppliers for passing them your business.

Ultimately we will have the best prices because we negotiate directly with the suppliers, while also getting access to insane special group rates and 'exclusive inclusions'. We save you time, money & stress.

Where are we?

We are mainly based in Brisbane, Australia but have recently acquired an office in Auckland, New Zealand. We are primarily an online based business but if you ever want to come visit us in person just send an email to info@wwweddings.com.au and if we are close we would love to meet with you. If we ever find ourselves near you and you are up for a cheeky glass of wine we can do that too!

Do we only do wedding related travel?

No, we have a sister brand called ‘Adiona Escapes’ that focuses on niche travel all over the world. Adiona is the goddess of safe return & travel - which is exactly what we promise you. The way this company started was previous brides who were enthralled by our service came asking “can you please book my holiday for me?” and of course we said yes!