Cook Islands – A Perfect Paradise

With crystal clear lagoons, enticing temperatures, relaxed ambiance and a warm welcoming people, the Cook Islands make it an easy choice when it comes to saying “I do”.

Simultaneously remote and accessible, modern and traditional, the Cook Islands present a perfect paradise for a wedding to inspire the soul.

Picture yourself walking down the aisle of a traditional Polynesian church to a melodic choir of island voices, stepping barefoot onto a sandy shore to say your vows flanked by a tropic sunset, being borne by husky islanders onto a Motu to pledge your love under a fragrant Frangipani bower.

Flights are daily with easy connections and there are a variety of accommodation options, from small bungalow style retreats, to private villas and large busy resorts.

Just 32 kilometres around and with only one road to circumnavigate, whichever direction you head in, you can’t get lost on Rarotonga. With a strong cafe culture, a burgeoning organic and artisan food scene and a handful of bars and clubs, you can indulge in a 21st century Rarotonga that is still firmly anchored by traditional Polynesian values and history.

Licences are easily obtained and your marriage is legal and recognised worldwide.

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Brochure - Cook Islands

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