Classy Cook Islands

From colourful undersea worlds to emerald green, undulating volcanic landscapes, a lifetime of happiness together begins in the Cook Islands.

Fifteen islets strewn across 2 million square kilometres of wild Pacific blue, the jewel in the crown, the sublime lagoon of Aitutaki, ringed with tiny, deserted pristine islands. A visual feast with picture perfect beaches, porcelain sand, azure waters and rustling palm trees, where you can stay in unique and charming accommodation just perfect for two.

The pace of life is notably relaxed here and you can’t escape the air of romance around every corner. Linger on beautiful shores until sunset, enjoying a kaleidoscope of colours, snorkel aqua waters where all manner of marine life will announce themselves to you or take a leisurely dip in a tranquil lagoon before assuming the position in your hammock Pure honeymoon bliss!

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Brochure - Cook Islands

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