About us

Hello and welcome from the Worldwide Weddings team, we just wanted to introduce ourselves & let you know the run down on who we are, what we do & why you should check us out!
Who are we?

This one is a little hard to answer because we offer a lot of things (and we do them well!).

The simplified version is we are an accredited travel agent with an exceptional flair in destination wedding planning.

The longer version is you have been dreaming about a sunset destination wedding ever since you met the absolute love of your life in that bar you finally decided to try… or that movie you had been meaning to see…or even by swiping right on tinder (no judgement) & you fell hopelessly in love. Time goes by and you never lose hope of the dream wedding coming to life and finally it happens, the love of your life gets down on one knee & you finally have an excuse to start planning…except you have no idea where to start. Where to go? Can my family come? How much will it cost?.

The realisation of the time it will take you to plan your dream destination sinks in….You start to feel the sand slipping away, you can no longer taste the banana-berry-licious cocktail or feel the sun on your skin. In a panic you jump onto the internet to find that Wedding Destination company who heard raving reviews about from a friend of a friend & soon realise they are exactly what you need.

You contact us straight away and tell us of the way you want to feel as you walk down the flower laced aisle, the exact azure colour of blue in the ocean in the background & the relaxed smile of your lover as he realises this was an amazing idea. You tell us what sort of music you want the DJ to play, the exact style of updo or colour lipstick you want & get tips on what sort of shoes to wear so you can spend the night dancing away under the moonlight with family and friends. You tell us of your honeymoon plans (or lack thereof) & we help you organise that too, right down to the two bottles of champagne waiting on arrival & the couples massages or activities you want to partake in. We get you there and back home to start your new life as a married couple in style & simplicity.

We help you taste that cocktail for real!

We help you taste that cocktail for real!
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