Kate and Ben

"With your help & guidance you made our wedding the most special day of our lives.
We would like to thank you for the memories of a lifetime."

Chloe & Bobby

"I was worried that things might go wrong on the day but with Mandi’s help
our wedding day was everything we dreamed of!"

Kate and John

"We cannot thank you enough…
Your professionalism took all the stress and discomfort out of planning a wedding."

Jayne and Dave

"Thank you Mandi! We are so thrilled we decided to follow our hearts
and get married in Fiji and gave our friends and family a holiday they won’t ever forget.
It really was something very very special!"

Chloe & Bobby

"Our wedding day was everything we dreamed it would be.
Every girl planning a wedding needs to find themselves a Mandi!!”


Relax And Let Us Help You Plan

The Wedding You've Been Dreaming Of

Welcome to Worldwide Weddings – Australia’s leading boutique wedding specialists for overseas weddings.

Do you dream of your wedding in some far away, romantic destination?

Just imagine it … a backdrop of gently swaying palm trees, powder-soft sand and crystal clear water glistening along the tropical coastline; or perhaps saying your vows as the sun sets gloriously behind the exquisite sand dunes of Dubai.

While throwing stuffy, expensive ‘traditions’ to the wind, we urge couples who are planning to create a knock-out destination wedding to ensure they are working closely with a qualified professional who can guide them through the myriad of decisions they will need to make.

While Internet travel sites are great for getting initial ideas, when it comes to pulling off an extraordinary destination wedding, only a creative, informed professional – with experience and local contacts – can make sure it comes together without any heartache or heartburn!

Why not check out our Happy Couples page to see a selection of letters of thanks from some of the many Brides and Grooms who entrusted their dream wedding plans to Worldwide Weddings.